"In the last two years working closely with altoValue, we improved and simplified our process, getting OKRs & Operational KPIs run seamlessly to execute our Strategy and successfully increased the focus and our teams’ alignment and motivation. Looking back, we are very proud of both in our choices."
Angelos Karastergios
EVP Operations, Qualco Tech
"altoValue helped TDG companies sharpen their OKRs and trained their teams to achieve maximum alignment and effectiveness.Their experience with group dynamics and change management has been fundamental in achieving the needed level of adoption."
Odysseas Ntotsikas
Founder and Managing Partner,
Think Digital Group
"I have been experimenting with OKRs for the past 5 years. Nonetheless, I have never worked with a certified OKRs coach before, which made a huge difference. OKRs have endowed us with clarity regarding our objectives, and alignment; and thus, I feel empowered and so does my team."
Michalis Boussias
Publisher & CEO, Boussias
"altoValue, thanks to its long-standing experience and deep knowledge of the OKR methodology, acted as our company's growth booster. In cooperation with our executive team, they managed to help us create our vision, become aligned, and start implementing our best future version. I am convinced that they have been the most significant form of assistance we have ever had."
Ananias Arvanitidis
Owner & Managing Director,
Pressious Arvanitidis
"altoValue has brought clarity and understanding to our OKR journey and helped us implement OKRs in a very pragmatic way. The blended learning coaching sessions really helped the Executive Management teams of 3 companies belonging to our Group, understand what OKRs are, how they should be linked with Strategy execution and how to align them across the Organizations."
Christos Koukios
ex Group People Director,
Qualco Group
"altoValue & OKRs methodology helped our company design a 3-year Strategic Plan with a crystal-clear Vision & Mission and specific KPIs that all teams are aligned to follow and achieve. Working close with Stavros and Manos, I found myself inspired to follow different paths so as to upscale my company and lead teams more efficiently. Thank you for that!"
Elena Michalou
General Manager & Owner,
"altoValue comes with a wealth of business experience and an in-depth understanding about what it takes to be successful in the digital space. They are able to look at the business objectively and help steer the internal conversations to come up with the right answer for your business."
Simona Agolini
CEO & Co-Founder,
"We’ve been working with altoValue’s OKRs-driven management and they've helped me to define and clarify both Spicy’s Ultimate OKR and the Strategy to achieve it. altoValue coached me and the Management Team to become inspired, aligned & committed to our Vision."
Aris Konstantinis
Founder & CEO,
Spicy Communications
"We had the pleasure of working together with altoValue’s consultants to adopt OKRs in EXIS. The methodology itself, as well as the overall cooperation, were a turning point in our 20 years of business activity for the company’s progress, assisting us to define, monitor, and achieve our business goals, by supporting the management team and the key players of our production teams."
George Benecos
Co-Founder & Partner, Exis
"In PfB we have a very ambitious strategic plan for the years 2020-2025 - and we found at altoValue the partner to support this plan. Working step by step with altoValue the OKRs methodology keep us on track, enhances our commitment and accountability and gives us the clarity to proceed and readjust towards our ultimate goal."
Rebecca Pitsika
Owner & CEO, PfB
"We worked with altoValue as we rolled out the OKRs framework throughout the organization. In those early days, altoValue asked all the right questions! With their simple suggestions and solutions, they helped us stay focused and aligned on the goals that matter the most."
Eva Christopoulou
General Manager, Tailwind
"Working with altoValue has been an outstanding experience. Since the first year of OKRs implementation, we managed to reach a growth rate of 25% thanks to altoValue's expertise, services, and recommendations. Truly a powerful force to work with."
Michalis Serpetzidakis
Owner & CEO, Onmedia
"The methodology of OKRs is an integral element of the company's mindset and DNA to always be a leader in our industry. I would recommend OKRs to any organization aiming for growth and continuous change."
Thanos Thomos
Group Sponsorships Director,

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