altoWebinar: OKRs introduction to the Greek Market by altoValue

The 1st OKRs webinar in Greece is here!

Re-watch the webinar here.

During the webinar, the Founders and Senior Partners of altoValue, Manos Koumantakis and Stavros Giannetsos will introduce the innovative framework of OKRs and will analyze the benefits of adopting OKRs.

Participants will then have the chance to watch the “legendary” OKRs coach and founder of, Ben Lamorte, who will present real OKRs case studies from his experience while implementing the OKRs framework to corporations such as Nike and Walmart.

In addition, Angelos Karastergios, EVP of Operations of Qualco Technology, has been invited to the webinar to discuss how the OKRs-driven Management Framework has been deployed at Qualco Group and how it has benefited the organization.

Finally, Jenny Herald, Vice President of Product Evangelism at Gtmhub, will give an overview of the key learnings from rolling out OKRs in the context of an organization.

The webinar will be concluded with an interactive Q&A session.

Re-watch the webinar here.

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12 Jul 2022 16:00



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Zoom Meeting